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Securitize Transfer Agent

Invest in Digital Securities
to finance specialty Real Estate Opportunities

FirstShot has created a Digital Asset Division platform and compliance solution for the financing of acquisitions and repurposing of empty and undervalued big box retail properties, located in the United States.

The FirstShot Token is an STO (Securitized Token Offering). This is a digitized, asset-backed security utilizing blockchain technology. Liquidity is provided by token exchanges with trading platforms similar to those of a typical stock exchange.

The FirstShot token offering application has been accepted by the SEC. FirstShot is currently listed on the Cryptosx Digital Assets Exchange in the Philippines and is also reviewing listing requirements of several other digital asset exchanges and anticipates making application to at least one digital asset exchange in the U.S. in the coming year.

FirstShot has engaged a platform service provider, transfer agent, blockchain/digital securities attorney and a CEO. The offering documentation is for $100 million USD. Additional tranches are being prepared for a total issuance of 400 million FirstShot tokens at $1 USD per token for a total of $400 million USD. Tokens are currently trading on Cryptosx and are intended to trade on at least one other digital asset exchange in the coming year.

There are two ways to invest:

PPO with Securitize

Private Placement Offering of Digital Securities

FirstShot Tokens, "FST" are currently offered for $1 USD with a hold period for trading. The offering is subject to repricing without notice, based on market trade comparables. FirstShot Token Offerings can be acquired through:


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